Your Questions Answered

Can a suspended ceiling be fitted in any room?

A suspended ceiling can be adapted to fit most rooms or areas, this is one of the main reasons they are so popular. Certain types of room however, depending on its usage, may require a made for purpose tile or grid.

What can be fitted into suspended ceilings?

Lights, CCTV, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and many more features can be fitted into suspended ceilings.

Are all the materials used fire resistant?

Yes and we always ensure our works conforms to fire regulations.

Can I use the void in the suspended ceiling to store items?

No it is not recommended as not only will it create a fire risk there is also risk that the weight will bring the ceiling down.

Do you work outside of normal working hours?

Yes we work with various industries and are able to work unsociable hours to ensure minimum disruption.

Are partitions sound proof?

Yes we have various solutions available.

Will you help design our partition requirements?

Yes and as we have had many years experience we have plenty of new and refreshing ideas.

Can this work be carried out beyond usual working hours?

Our Work

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